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The Summer To-Do List.

Yes, I'm still here, I still love the fandom, and I still have stories to tell.  (I just hope anyone is still reading after I vanished for ten months.)

The Adaptations 'verse gets top priority, since uncounted hours of neuroanatomy and -rehab research, a Chart of said research that fully deserves the capital letter, and one very patient co-researcher/editor have been waiting months for grad school to loosen its clutches.  Next installment will be the rewrite of "While You Were Out."

I also want to write some short pieces (say one to three pages) in the world of "Principles of Growth."  If anyone wants to see a particular moment, feel free to suggest it.  I can't make promises, but you might spark something.

On a related note, the Masterlist entry for the Dæmonverse has been reformatted slightly, and now features a photo-manipulation of House, Wilson and Chase with their respective dæmons.
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