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Dæmonverse Masterlist

As an introduction, everyone's dæmons (names, forms and the significance thereof, as well as a few paragraphs to explain what dæmons are to those who aren't familiar with His Dark Materials) are listed here.  Note that fics are posted in order of internal chronology, not necessarily the order in which they were written.

Filed below is an early experiment with the idea of dæmons for House et al.: House and Wilson and their respective dæmons embark on a relationship, and begin working through the issues unearthed by the Tritter disaster.

Shifting Balances
(formerly Dæmonverse AU)
When he finds House OD’d, Wilson can’t leave.
(House/Wilson preslash)

Not Just a Puzzle
Getting together in the wake of the drugged coffee debacle.
Warning for semi-explicit sexual content.

And Come Daylight
The morning and afternoon after.

Accepting Limits
Wilson is changing the rules. House isn’t sure he approves.

Having gotten the idea of how to write the characters with their dæmons, I threw canon parameters out the window and brought the societal norms of Philip Pullman's world to PPTH.  This fusion of the two worlds created something much richer, and far larger, than I expected at the onset.
Dæmonverse Banner

The "Principles of Growth" Dæmonverse
(formerly Dæmonverse AAU)
Principles of Growth
House knew Chase was some kind of heretic, but what he learns about his protégé after getting on the wrong side of the Consistorial Court is beyond anything he’d ever guessed.
(House/Wilson established; House/Chase mentorship/eventual familial friendship)

Matters of Control (Interlude)
House and Wilson discuss the implications of Chase's limited ability to ease pain.
(House, Wilson; House/Wilson established; implications of House/Chase mentorship/friendship)
Note: Takes place between the twelfth and thirteenth chapters of "Principles."


Sometimes, significant moments have to go uncelebrated.
(adolescent!Chase, no pairing)

Changing Courses
“They—started the cutting. And they made everyone watch a demonstration.”  How Chase came to leave seminary training for med school.
(adolescent!Chase, no pairing)

Appraisals and Appointments
Power, politics and a phone call: how House came to hire Chase.
(House, Chase, Wilson, Foreman, Rowan Chase; House/Wilson friendship)

House, Wilson, and companionable banter.
(House/Wilson friendship)

Let it Snow
Wilson lectures House after House pulls a prank on Foreman.
(House/Wilson friendship)

Dæmonverse Poetry

Spell-Weaving(Chase, easing pain.)
[Jump-rope poem]

"Chances For Taking"
Chase knows sacrificial magic is dangerous.  But he's already lost his mother; he won't lose House too.
[Song form]

"Sacrificed For"
Wilson risked his soul to put House back together, and Chase risked his life to stop his pain.  Neither of them asked him first.
[Song form]

Life Given(Chase, necessary sacrifices)

Principles of Growth
House before intercision, Andromeda’s downward spiral, Chase before, during and after seminary, Wilson in the wake of House’s ordeal: snapshots of various events.
[Sonnet redoublé]

Mistake Averted
How S2’s “The Mistake” played out in this ‘verse.
[Free verse]

Thicker than Water
A tangle of family relationships: Andromeda’s sisters are still mourning her loss; their daughters are getting to know her son.  (Based on a still-unwritten sequel to “Principles of Growth.”)
[Sonnet series]

Chase, learning what Andromeda didn’t have time to teach. (Based on a still-unwritten sequel to “Principles of Growth.”)

Dæmonverse Song Reworks
(Note: The original tunes of all song reworks are linked in their respective entries.)

Andromeda’s Lullaby
(to “Shine” by Vienna Teng)
A recurring thread in “Principles”, sung to Chase throughout childhood.

Andromeda’s Lament
(to “The Past is Another Land” from Aida)
Andromeda on the stifling nature of her marriage.

Just Before Bedtime
(to “Race you to the Top of the Morning” from The Secret Garden)
Andromeda tells a story and makes a promise.

Keeping Vigil
(to “King of Pain” by the Police)
Andromeda, watching over Chase after death.

Andromeda’s Eyes
(to “Lily’s Eyes” from The Secret Garden)
Andromeda’s sisters can’t help seeing her in the child she left behind.
Based on a still-unwritten sequel to “Principles of Growth.”

Forthcoming fics:

Chase told Wilson a clan of witches might be able to reconnect House and Minerva.  How that reconnection was accomplished, and what happened after.
(House, Wilson, Chase; House/Wilson established, implications of House/Chase mentorship/friendship)
Status: In progress.  Projected completion: Summer 2013.

An Art of Balance
When circumstances demand Chase reconnect with his mother's clan, he finds that balancing witch and human nature, biological and chosen family, is harder than he'd bargained for.
(Chase, House, Wilson, original characters; House/Wilson established, House/Chase mentorship/familial friendship.)
Status: Pre-draft organization/research.  Projected completion: unknown.
Tags: "balance", "principles", dæmonverse, masterlist, post-"principles", pre-"principles", progress note, s3 canon w/ dæmons
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