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Signal-boosting a multi-fandom charity effort.

After the shock of the U.S. election results started wearing off, I began considering what I could do to help the situation.  Eventually, I hit upon the idea of a fandom charity effort, wherein volunteer fic writers and artists would create commissioned fic and art, and the money would go to various charities supporting the causes and groups that That Man is against and seeks to victimize.

However, I am not a superlative organizer and wasn't sure how to manage the logistics.

Happily, a group of wonderful people on Tumblr had the same thought I did and created fandomtrumpshateAuthor and artist sign-ups begin tomorrow, and I will be signing up to write Housefic.  I'm posting this here in hopes that some authors who remain in House fandom might be interested in getting involved.
Tags: fan activism
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